Personal Training.

Challenge your clients by integrating the HIITAXLE into your sessions! Whether you’re looking for stability work, core muscle recruitment, upper body burners or simply variability, the HIITAXLE provides it all! Offering options meeting sport specific needs, dance and Pilates preferences and functional training related to daily life, the versatility of the HIITAXLE makes it a “must have” tool for every personal trainer!

Group Classes.

Add some heat to your circuits, boot camps, WODs and HIIT classes! The HIITAXLE makes an amazing “station” for your small and large group training sessions. Because it can be used to train balance and stability, locomotion, speed, endurance and power, the HIITAXLE is a perfect addition to your classes that serve a variety of skill levels at the same time. You only need a few HIITAXLEs to fire up any group!

Sports Conditioning.

Every athlete wants more endurance, stamina and strength, as well as improved power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. The HIITAXLE can enhance all of these physical skills that athletes need to get an edge over opponents and better past performances. Give yourself, your players and your teams the winning advantage with training and conditioning programs incorporating the HIITAXLE.


Our main mission with the HIITAXLE, is to provide a high quality fitness solution that allows athletes of all abilities to improve performance; to provide customers with a first-class service experience that includes programming support, education and motivation. Proudly Made in The USA.


The HIITAXLE is a functional exercise solution that can be implemented in a multitude of ways. Whether deployed in group exercise classes (HIIT & Bootcamp style), integrated into personal training sessions or used by an individual member, it will complement and amplify all other functional and traditional fitness routines. The HIITAXLE system has a novel way of activating the core and upper body, evoking a cardiovascular response while delivering a highly innovative, unparalleled experience.


We love seeing everyone engage with us on the HIITAXLE. Share your stories, videos and images with us to let us know how you’re doing!

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