Safety Disclaimer

These devices are intended for use by healthy adults only. Consult your physician before using these devices or beginning any exercise program. Failure to use the HIITAXLE LLC and HIITAXLE LLC Footstool properly or in excess may result in serious injury. Before using, review the safety procedures below and the instructions at Inspect these devices completely before each use for signs of wear and replace worn parts immediately. These devices are not designed or intended as a treatment for any medical condition. Children should not use these devices without the strict supervision of an adult. User assumes all risk of injury for misuse of these devices. Any exercise can lead to overuse injuries, therefore the user is responsible for using these devices in moderation and discontinue use if there is any sign of overuse. HIITAXLE LLC and its affiliates expressly disclaim any and all liability arising from the misuse of these devices, and further disclaim all warranties, including without limitation, warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, in no event shall HIITAXLE LLC or its affiliates be liable for any special, incidental, indirect, or consequential damages whatsoever arising out of the uses of HIITAXLE LLC and HIITAXLE LLC Footstool.

Safety Procedures for HIITAXLE LLC System:

  • These devices put a heavy load on the upper body, core, back, arms and neck. Those with prior injuries should avoid use or if cleared by a doctor, begin slowly with Level 1 uses.
  • Do not use if you have existing heart or health conditions.
  • Use these devices as described in the instructions only. Users should completely master each level before progressing.
  • There is a risk of pinching with the handles. Keep hands centered on the handles to avoid pinching.
  • There are moving parts which may trap and pull long hair. Keep long hair away from moving parts and wheels while in use.
  • Prohibited uses include: handstands on either device, wheelbarrowing, any use which is out of control or not included in the instructions, going downhill is prohibited and potentially dangerous. DO NOT USE ON ROADS OR WHERE THERE ARE MOTOR VEHICLES IN USE.
  • Slight grades may help with traveling, but this is only approved on grass or for very slight grades by experienced user and always while under control.
  • These devices may work on, but not all surfaces. Most hard surfaces or gym flooring is approved, however, the use of knee pads on hard surfaces is advised and users assume the risk if not using knee pads. Some grass surfaces will work, but long grass and soft ground may prevent some or all users and should be avoided.
  • Start with Level 1 exercises as shown the instructions, in short duration to assess soreness and appropriateness before progressing levels and duration.
  • Do not go to failure on these devices. Going to failure may result in falling into the devices or to the ground and may result in injury. Use these devices under control at all times.
  • HIITAXLE LLC has been tested up to 325lbs.
  • Keep elbows a safe distance away from tires while using.
  • Lower back should never be collapsed while using these devices. Maintain low back integrity while in use. A slight “V” up posture is correct form. A “V’ Down posture is incorrect.
  • A safety pad and warning stickers have been provided. Do not operate these devices without the safety pad on the axle, and the warning sticker. Contact HIITAXLE LLC for replacements as needed.
  • The HIITAXLE LLC footstool is designed to be engaged after the user kneels on the ground. Engage and disengage these devices in a controlled manner.
  • The HIITAXLE LLC footstool is not meant to be kneeled on or stood on. Use footstool for proper use only.
  • Adults are responsible for keeping children away from these devices, as they are not toys, or supervise them if the adult assumes the risk of use by children of an appropriate age. See disclaimer.
  • Wear appropriate clothing and warm up before using these devices.
  • User must ensure the surface chosen to move over is free from objects. Running over objects may cause injury, therefore must be avoided.
  • Anyone introduced to these devices by the purchaser must adhere to the warning sticker or the purchaser and user assume the entire risk of not doing so.
  • Always check the fasteners before each and every use to ensure the wheels are firmly attached to the axle.


Level 1 – Use axle in base on knee’s
Level 2 – Use axle in base in a planking position
Level 3 – Use axle in or out of base with wheeled footstool


Consent to Jurisdiction and Forum Selection
The parties hereto agree that all actions or proceedings arising in connection with HIITAXLE LLC sales activities, the use of its products, and relationship with users of this web site, shall be tried and litigated exclusively in the State and/or Federal court located in the County of Los Angeles, State of California. The aforementioned choice of venue is intended by the parties to be mandatory and not permissive in nature, thereby precluding the possibility of litigation between the parties with respect to, or arising out of, any and all activities in connection with HIITAXLE LLC business relationship with users of this website, and thus no other jurisdiction other than that specified in this paragraph is possible. Each party hereby waives any right it may have to assert the doctrine of forum non conveniens or similar doctrine or to object to venue with respect to any proceeding brought in accordance with this paragraph, and stipulates that the State and Federal courts located in the County of Los Angeles, State of California, shall have in personam jurisdiction and venue over each of them for the purpose of litigating any dispute, controversy, or proceeding arising out of or related to this Agreement. Each party hereby authorizes and accepts service of process sufficient for personal jurisdiction in any action against it as contemplated by this paragraph by registered or certified mail, return receipt requested, postage prepaid, to its address for the giving of notices as set forth in this Agreement. Any final judgement rendered against a party in action or proceeding shall be conclusive as to the subject of such final judgement and maybe enforced in other jurisdictions in any manner provided by law.

Assumption of Risk

The user assumes all risk of use, therefore, HIITAXLE LLC shall never be held responsible for any damages, medical expenses, loss of consortium, loss of business, or any other consequences of injury. All users must follow safety procedures found on this web site.


HIITAXLE LLC warrants to the initial retail purchaser that the metal components of our products will be free from structural defects for a period of 3 year for all parts. The axle wheels also have a 3 year warranty for structural integrity. The caster wheels should be fine for a long time indoors or on grass, however use on the street may wear them, therefore they have a 1 year warranty. The caster wheels can easily be replaced and HIITAXLE will be happy to provide the info on the caster wheels. The HIITAXLE footstool will have a 1 year warranty. Improper use of our products shall void the warranty. Damage during any use other than what is shown in the instructions will void the warranty. This warranty does not cover improper or negligent use. HIITAXLE LLC shall be held harmless regarding damages suffered while using its products in a ways not shown in the instructions. These products are designed to be stored inside a structure or vehicle. Any damage caused from exposure to outdoor elements will not be covered. Any defect found y the buyer requires the buyer to stop use immediately and provide notice to the seller, whether that is HIITAXLE LLC or the approved distributor or other authorized entity. Replacing or correcting the product in question will be decided by HIITAXLE LLC and shall be considered complete fulfillment by HIITAXLE, LLC of this warranty. All users must follow safety procedures found on our website,

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